EMGR-Urteil TSIKAKIS gegen Deutschland (1521/06) – Original Text

ECHR Portal HTML View, 10. 02. 2011.


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  1. Für Nicht-Juristen auch dann schwierig zu lesen, wenn sie wie ich fließend Französisch sprechen.


    • Hallo,

      Kostas ist ein Feund von mir.

      Ja das Urteil ist sehr kompliziert formuliert.

      Hier die Zusammenfassung auf Englisch, von Kostas Anwältin:

      Dear Michael,

      In substance, the Court said the following:

      1. German Courts violated Costas right to his family life because they refused Costas to see his son. They said that they were acting in the interest of the child, but they did nothing to protect the child from his mother even though they knew what she was doing. Even though there is no „obligation of results“ in family matters, there is an „obligation of means“ that German Courts did not respect.

      2. German Courts violated Costas right to a fair and quick trial: Almost seven years for the Besuchsrechte is far to long, given that in this kind of cases speed is very important to guarantee that the child and his father can develop a good relation. Time is against them, what the Courts (and especially the German Constitutional Court!!!) did not realize!

      So they give him 7.000 Euros for moral damages, 1.400 Euros for expenses before the German Courts and 1.700 Euros for the trial at Strasbourg , so indeed he will take 10.100 Euros. But we should wait until the judgment becomes final, which will happen in three months from now unless Germany submits an appeal to the Great Chamber (but this is difficult because even the German judge voted against Germany!).

      I think that the judgment will be translated in English soon, in which case I will send it to you directly.

      I hope that Costas will be able to see his son one day…



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