optimal waist vary across different ethnicities.

Optimal cut-off values and population means of waist circumference in different populations. [Nutr Res Rev. 2010 Dec;23(2):191-9.] – PubMed.

lower waist cut-offs non-overweight Filipino women

Waist circumference and the risk of hypertension and prediabetes among Filipino women.[Eur J Nutr. 2012 Jun 9.] – PubMed.

Meat industry denies findings of EPIC study.

Cattlemen’s Association Has Beef with Study – YouTube, 05.09.2012.

WHtR – Normwerte nach Alter

Daimler BKK – WHtR (Waist-to-height-ratio).

better than BMI : WHtR

Waist Circumference Less Than Half Your Height – YouTube, 06.09.2012.

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