quorum sensing – bacterial bioluminescence drove the discovery – 1962 !

curios Harvard Prof. Woody Hastings 2009.

Bonnie Bassler’s discoveries – stroke of luck.

awarded 2012 L’ORE‰AL-UNESCO Award in Life Sciences – Tomorrow’s Table.

quorum sensing – Bacteria chemical communication

Individual and Combined Roles of the Master Regulators AphA and LuxR in Control of the Vibrio harveyi Quorum-Sensing Regulon, Bonnie L. Bassler – Princeton, J. Bacteriol. February 2013, vol. 195, no. 3 436-443 – Open Access.

Princeton professor Bonnie L. Bassler *1962 Foto


Infection-induced neutrophil multitasking in vivo –

Infection-induced NETosis is a dynamic process involving neutrophil multitasking in vivo : Nature Medicine , 26 August 2012.

How bacteria talk to each other:

regulation of gene expression by quorum sensing.[Curr Opin Microbiol. 1999 Dec;2(6):582-7.] – PubMed.

Bakterien – Quorum Sensing (QS) – Moleküle steuern koordinierte Infektion.

Charakterisierung und Nutzung von bakteriellen Quorum Sensing Molekülen für die Weiterentwicklung eines umweltgerechten Pflanzenbaus, Organic Eprints, 07 Jan. 2013.

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