chlorhexidine carcinogenic?

Monitoring of buccal epithelial cells by alkaline comet assay (single cell gel electrophoresis technique) in cytogenetic evaluation of chlorhexidine.[Clin Oral Investig. 2002] – PubMed.

green tea better than chlorhexidine.

Comparison of the effectiveness of 0.5% tea, 2% neem and 0.2% chlorhexidine mouthwashes on oral health: a randomized control trial.[Indian J Dent Res. 2013 Jan-Feb;24(1):26-34] – PubMed, Free full text.

Wundheilungsverzögerer Chlorhexidin.

LOKALE WUNDBEHANDLUNG – arznei telegramm, Nr. 9/ 1992: 88-90.

bile acid carcinogenic – known since 1935.

Production of Tumours in Mice by Deoxycholic Acid: Letters to Editor, Nature 145, 627-627 (20 April 1940).

the Cornell China study.

Diet, lifestyle, and the etiology of coronary artery disease: the Cornell China study.[Am J Cardiol. 1998] – PubMed.

Esselstyn landmark study.

Updating a 12-year experience with arrest and reversal therapy for coronary heart disease (an overdue requiem for palliative cardiology).[Am J Cardiol. 1999] – PubMed.

Milk activates TOR.

Milk is not just food but most likely a genetic transfection system activating mTORC1 signaling for postnatal growth, Melnik, Osnabrück [Nutr J. 2013 Jul 25;12:103.] – free full text – PubMed.

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