10 y lifespan extension due to Leucin reduction in animal protein.

Caloric Restriction vs. Animal Protein Restriction | NutritionFacts.org, April 7, 2014.

CME Video Plant-Based Nutrition for Cancer.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, George Washington University, Harvard Medical School, Washington Adventist Hospital.

Adventist Health Study 2 – vegan all-cause mortality HR 0.85.

Vegetarian Dietary Patterns and Mortality in Adventist Health Study 2, JAMA Intern Med. 2013;173(13):1230-1238.

vegan statistically significant less cancers.

Vegetarian Diets and the Incidence of Cancer in a Low-risk Population, Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, February 2013 22; 286.

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