Ginkgo danger.

toxicology is much less researched than pharmaceutical.
Ginkgo may interact with aspirin, warfarin, trazodone, omeprazole, antihypertensive agents, and antihyperglycaemics.[,]“ „Ginkgo biloba leaf extract has been classified as a possible human carcinogen (Group 2B) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer,[,] along with … Aloe vera[] and kava.[]“ Review of Ginkgo biloba-induced toxicity, from experimental studies to human case reports, J Environ Sci Health C Environ Carcinog Ecotoxicol Rev. 2017 Jan 2; 35(1): 1–28, Author manuscript available 13.02. 2019.

St. John’s wort danger.

St. John’s wort -> CYP3A4 (+140%):  … biotransformation > 50% of all prescription medications. … should be strongly discouraged in the elderly.“ Clinical Assessment of Botanical Supplementation on Cytochrome P450 Phenotypes in the Elderly: St. John’s wort, Garlic oil, Panax ginseng, and Ginkgo biloba, Drugs Aging. 2005; 22(6): 525–539.

Blutungen unter Ginkgo.

Quelle: Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 16. August 2002.

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