mouse models of autism !

New mouse models of autism highlight need for standardized tests : Nature Medicine : 17, 1324, 02 November 2011.

new histamine receptor: drug target ?

fourth histamine receptor Nothing to sneeze at : Nature Medicine.

Rockefeller IMR, home of Methadone

Straight talk with…Jules Hirsch : Nature Medicine : Nature Publishing Group.

DNA storage at room temperature ?

Companies hope to bring DNA storage in from the cold : Nature Medicine.


companies pay off competitors challenging their patent exclusivity

‚Pay-for-delay‘ decision may be left to lawmakers : Nature Medicine.

Spiriva: misleading alarm

Pooled studies can raise misleading alarm Nature Medicine 16, 1051 (2010) doi:10.1038/nm1010-1051

Cocaine addiction: new way to treat ?

Blocking  dopamine  may be Nature Medicine Nature Medicine 16, 969 – 970

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