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Are Green Smoothies Bad for You? 2015.

natives Olivenöl ungesund.

extra virgin olive oil has the same bad effect on arterias as … animal fats.“ Quelle: Olive Oil & Artery Function | NutritionFacts.org. gleiches Video, aber mit deutschen Untertiteln. My ‚Oil: The Vegan Killer‘ Video Was Debunked? Mic the Vegan, 8.4.2018 . „Coconut oil consumption results in significantly higher LDL-cholesterol than nontropical vegetable oils.“ The Effect of Coconut Oil Consumption on Cardiovascular Risk Factors A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials, Circulation. 2020 Mar 10;141(10):803-814.

Dates good for health.

Do the beneficial phytonutrients in dates make up for their high sugar content? Quelle: Are Dates Good For You? | NutritionFacts.org, December 14th 2010 W. Rock, M. Rosenblat, H. Borochov-Neori, N. Volkova, S. Judeinstein, M. Elias, and M. Aviram. Effects of date ( phoenix dactylifera l., medjool or hallawi variety) consumption by healthy subjects on serum glucose and lipid levels and on serum oxidative status: A pilot study. J. Agric. Food. Chem., 57(17):8010{8017, 2009W. Al-Shahib and R. J. Marshall. The fruit of the date palm: Its possible use as the best food for the future? Int J Food Sci Nutr, 54(4):247{259, 2003.

Milch-Phthalate aus Plastik der Melk-Maschine.

Quelle: What Diet Best Lowers Phthalate Exposure? | NutritionFacts.org, July 18th 2016.

one egg every 3 days -> 81% more lethal prostate cancer.

Quelle: Eggs, Choline, and Cancer | NutritionFacts.org, Volume 15 · October 14th 2013.

Turmeric plant better than curcumin pill.

Quelle: Turmeric or Curcumin: Plants vs. Pills | NutritionFacts.org, Volume 31 · June 24th 2016.

The Protein Combining Myth.

Quelle: NutritionFacts.org, April 25th 2016.

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