Oral rehydration first suggested 1831 – but not appreciated until 1970.

Oral rehydration for acute diarrhoea was first suggested by remarkable clinical research by W B O’Shaughnessy reported in the Lancet in 1831, within months of the arrival of a terrifying new disease from Asia—cholera. Sadly his wisdom was not appreciated until the 1970s, with the arrival of the World Health Organization’s oral rehydration solution … 
Why shouldn’t children benefit from oral rehydration solutions for calves? | BMJ 2005;331:1267.


Diet & Oral Cancer Prevention

– Strategies for Clinical Practice, Chainani-Wu et al. The Journal of the American Dental Association 2011; 142(2): 166- 69.

Oral VersusTopical Ibuprofen for Chronic Knee Pain

Prospective Randomized Pilot Study

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