Tabelle glykämischer Index. Glycemic Index, English.php.

nettle flour – 34 % Protein; Ca 170, Iron 230 mg, 300 kcal/ 100 g.

Comparison of nutritional properties of Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) flour with wheat and barley flours.Food Sci Nutr. 2016 Jan; 4(1): 119–124. „mmol/100g, Common nettle, leaves, dried: 35.23 – Cinnamon, dried ground, India: 31.64Additional file 1: The Antioxidant Food Table, only download, 615 K – The total antioxidant content of more than 3100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and supplements used worldwide, Nutr J. 2010; 9: 3.

The Protein Combining Myth.

Quelle:, April 25th 2016.

protein increases diabetes.

Cambridge Journals Online – Abstract – High intakes of protein and processed meat associate with increased incidence of type 2 diabetes, British Journal of Nutrition, Volume 109, Issue 06, March 2013 pp 1143-1153.

US Vegans Get Enough Protein – and Enough FIBER!

Nutritional quality indices show plant-based diets are the healthiest“ |, June 6, 2014.

more Calcium + protein – > more hip fractures.

since 1928, The Journal of Nutrition (JN) was the first scientific journal created solely for publication of nutrition research„. November 1, 1986 vol. 116 no. 11 2316-19.pdf.

10 y lifespan extension due to Leucin reduction in animal protein.

Caloric Restriction vs. Animal Protein Restriction |, April 7, 2014.

Eiweiß Calcium & Osteoporose.

High Five Vegan – Calcium Teil 2.

last 100 years nutrient content of food is falling.

Arbor Clinical Nutrition Updates 2007 (Jan);270:1-3 ISSN 1446-5450.pdf


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