Ausdauer-Sport verlängert Telomere.

Ausdauertraining hält die Zellen eher jung als Kraftsport, Dtsch Arztebl 2019; 116(3): A-89.

Elizabeth H. Blackburn’s Work with Telomeres Video.

Media Player at

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2009.

the official web site of the Nobel Prize.

Sugared Soda & Cell Aging.

University of California San Francisco, October 16, 2014.

Limo macht alt.

Soda and Cell Aging: Associations Between Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Leukocyte Telomere Length in Healthy Adults From the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, American Journal of Public Health – Jun 21, 2014.

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