world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit –


one kiwi a day keeps the doctor away – like other berries ;-).

YouTube, 18.07.2012.

vegan diet repairs genes

YouTube, 19.07.2012.

Wasserstoff aus Biogas – Reformer verbessert –

BINE Informationsdienst: Forscher verbessern Reformer, 18.07.2012.

Common myths about vegetarian diets –

Practical tips for preparing healthy and delicious plant-based meals | Medical Journal of Australia, 2012; 1 Suppl 2: 41-45..

vegan & health – 2925 sources

PubMed – NCBI.

No Relationship of vitamin D to blood pressure in Blacks. – Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases – Relationship of vitamin D levels to blood pressure in a biethnic population, 4 July 2012.

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